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Events and Programs


Endurance Program
Whether you are an endurance athlete or someone that wants better work capacity to be able to perform Metcons more efficiently, CrossFit Endurance can benefit you.  CrossFit Endurance is not just for those athletes that want to do Triathlons or Marathons, but also holds a multitude of benefits for the average athlete or anyone that is looking for better cardio endurance in their everyday fitness. 
“CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential.” –

We hold Endurance Classes on Tuesday and Thursday @ 5:45PM

KidsFit Functional Fitness

​For kids ages 4-12! Get your kids in the gym to build healthy habits, accountability, responsibility, work-ethic, and more through our community of like-minded families. Got teens? Call today to speak with a coach about getting them into the box. 

One-on-One Personal Training
If you are someone that has struggled with exercising and have a hard time staying motivated on your own, or you are intimidated by the class setting, we can help with individualized personal training.  With Personal Training, you will receive specific individual attention to work on any weaknesses or simply gain the confidence to start attending classes.  Personal Training can help the advanced athletes as well.  Do you have a skill that has eluded you or a movement you are trying to master but want additional coaching to be strong and efficient?  Maybe you have some mobility issues that limit your range of motion.  Contact us today with your goals and we can provide you with more information to get you where you want to be!


CrossFit Classes - 5:00A, 7:00A, 9:00A, 3:30P, 4:30P, 7:00P

KidsFit 4-7 yrs - 5:45P

KidsFit 8-12 yrs - 6:15P
Open Gym - 10:00A-3:00P 

CrossFit Classes - 5:00A, 7:00A, 9:00A, 4:30P, 5:45P, 7:00P
KidsFit 8-12 yrs - 3:45P
Open Gym - 10:00A-3:00P 


​CrossFit Classes - 5:00A, 7:00A, 9:00A, 4:30P, 5:45P

Tuesday and Thursday:

CrossFit Classes - 5:00A, 7:00A, 9:00A, 4:30P, 7:00P

Endurance Class - 5:45P

Open Gym - 10:00A-3:00P


​KidsFit Open Age - 9:00A

CrossFit Class - 10:00A

Open Gym - 11:00A-2:00P

Weightlifting Class - 3:00P

Gymnastics Class - 4:00P

Open Gym - 1:30P-3:30P

Child Watch is Available Monday through Friday at the 9:00A and 4:30P classes and Saturday at 10:00A

*For any Special Holiday Hours throughout the year, please visit our Facebook Page "CrossFit Ergon" for the latest schedule updates!

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